Request For Personal Business Day

  • Request For Personal Business Day

    Approval is contingent upon the employee having personal business day(s) available. Employee is responsible for checking to make sure of availability of days before putting in request. Any employee not having a personal day available will be docked pay for that day.
  • Personal leave shall be defined as leave necessary for the conduct of personal or legal business that cannot be conducted at any other time during the day or week except when the employee is working. It is understood and agreed that personal leave is not vacation leave and shall not be granted for a day immediately prior to the commencement of or a day immediately following a vacation period or a legal holiday except for emergencies. Approval for such emergencies may be granted, with reasons given, at the discretion of the Superintendent of Schools. The employee is responsible to verify that they have available the number of personal business days requested. Application for personal leave shall be made on the appropriate form and shall state the general reason for which leave is sought: e.g. "Legal Business."
  • In accordance with the applicable Section of the agreement between the Board of Education and the indicated unit checked above:
  • Requested Personal Business Day(s)
  • I certify that this business cannot be taken care of on a day when school is not in session and that I have available personal business days.